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Ben D.

"I really appreciated that Ascend Mortgage uses data-driven statistics to show me the options available to me as a purchaser, and the competitive rates in my market. It really made me feel like I have control over my future."


Kait Engler

"Highly recommend Sean for your mortgage needs. Very knowledgeable and helpful! As a first time homebuyer, Sean helped answer all of our questions!"


Andrew Cooper

"Great experience with Ascend Mortgage. Very personable and helpful. With Ascend we were able to get the best rate possible for our home mortgage"


You might be losing money.

Most people rarely think about their mortgages beyond making their monthly payments, which means they're probably paying more than they should. So, no matter what prompted you to start researching a refinance, we're really glad you're here.

At Ascend Mortgage, we know refinancing can mean a sigh of relief for many of our borrowers, but it's not always the best choice. We exist to get you the facts you deserve to make a decision that serves you well now and in the future.

Your mortgage should work for you.

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We shop competitive rates from multiple lenders to give you the best recommendations.

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We'll hand-select unbiased recommendations that represent multiple lenders and programs and are tailored to your circumstances.


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Whether refinancing is the best solution or there is a better way to reach your goals, you’ll have the facts you deserve to decide.

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Denise M.

“Any time I would need to text Sean or Steve a question, both of them would get back to me immediately. And I had a lot of questions! I would definitely use them again if I ever happen to move.”


Benjamin Daiek

“These guys are the real deal. If you want the best bang for your buck, all while feeling safe, these guys are your guys. Thanks for everything Ascend!”


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What you can consistently expect from our team.

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that build your wealth.

When considering a refinance, people generally think about going to their banks first. But, the truth is — your bank represents just one lender and limited loan programs. Plus, in today's climate, banks are becoming more restrictive by the day.

When you partner with us, you get an unbiased, wide-angle view of home lending and creative solutions representing multiple lenders and programs.

Experience less stress, less hassle,
and close in half the time.

We work long beyond banking hours to make sure you have what you need when you need it.

My teams have helped thousands of families improve their home lending, so if there's an "easy button" that gets to your closing faster, we know it. As a matter of fact, we typically close an average of 29 days faster than the industry standard.

Never miss an opportunity 
to build your wealth faster.

After you refinance, we stick around for the life of your loan to make sure you never miss a better opportunity.

You can look forward to monthly reports with current rates and the value of your home, plus annual reviews with our team that keep you in the know and ahead of the game.

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