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Ashlynn Graff

We have used Sean and his team at Ascend Mortgage for a new purchase and two refinances. I am a former real estate agent and have worked with many different mortgage companies. Ascend Mortgage is by far the best! The rate is always the lowest I can find. They are extremely responsive and transparent. I get weekly updates from them that shows me my current house value and neighborhood trends. They contact me when I can save money on my mortgage and get a better rate without pestering me. They are just all around great people. Thank you Sean, Ben and Maria!

Wes Evans

I met Sean chamberlain and his excellent team during at service call at his office. After talking about the results of his AC diagnosis we began talking about life and finances Sean is very easy to talk too and has great advice for first time and longtime homeowners.When it comes to making financial decisions I HiGHLY recommend Sean and his team at ascend mortgage to anyone looking to refinance there home. Anytime I had a question either him or his team were right there to make sure I had an answer quickly.

Caitlin Wysocki

Ascend Mortgage made the process of buying my first home so easy! Sean, Maria, and Ben were extremely helpful and I’m so glad we chose their team. Sean sends personalized videos in all his emails which makes it so easy to communicate. They were all very invested in our home-buying process and it truly felt that they cared about us. They were always available any time I had questions and I would recommend them to anyone I know buying a house.

J. Allan

I got to know Sean in 2013 when I purchased my house. After checking with other companies I always went back to Sean knowing he will give me an honest answer. Sean and his team are wonderful people. Excellent customer service. Sean is a friend. I feel very comfortable working with him and his team. I definitely recommend Ascend Mortgage. Check them out and you will be happy.

Marco Guglielmini

I have been working with Ascend Mortgage and its owner Sean for 3 years. They are always very professional and responsive. They manage everything, hassle free to you! You just submit few documents and they find the best lender to fit your needs on the market quickly and efficiently! They keep an eye on your property value and intrest rates and contact you if they recommend to refinance. I just refinanced with more than 1% interest rate drop, in that way!

Lamine Bassène

This is the third time that my wife and l have worked with Sean and his team and we have been highly satisfied with their services. Sean is a man with great judgement and integrity. He emailed us the cost summary of different loan options along with a video explaining the most important lines of the cost breakdown. He also followed up and coached us throughout the process with relevant details. I will definitely recommend this company to anyone looking for an experienced and knowledgeable broker with great customer service.

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Whether it’s a backyard for the dog or a place for your people to gather, you’ve got your eyes set on purchasing a home. Trouble is — the market is competitive with a capital “C.” So, if getting the house you want has turned from fun and exciting to stress-induced panic, you are far from alone.

We know, with confidence, that there’s a better way. It starts with your financing. My name’s Sean Chamberlain and, after more than two decades in the industry, I’ve helped thousands of families get homes they love with home financing that helps them reach their long-term financial goals.

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Denise M.

“Any time I would need to text Sean or Steve a question, both of them would get back to me immediately. And I had a lot of questions! I would definitely use them again if I ever happen to move.”


Dani Linn Clements

Sean and his team are EXCEPTIONAL!! This is our 2nd time working with him and there are not enough positive words to express our happiness with the people, the turn around time and professionalism. Thank you Sean and thank you Ascend team for all you do and did for us!! Blessings to all.

Sara Reifman

Sean is quick to respond to all my questions, and he is very knowledgeable and experienced. I have felt like I was in great hands throughout the whole process, and even though I closed on my house almost a year ago, Sean still makes himself available to help me.

Denise Mckibben

Sean and his team are fast responding and very professional!! This is the 3rd time we have used Sean Chamberlain. And we will continue to!

Roberto Basile

I couldn’t ask for a better service. Best opportunities caught and continuous follow up!

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When most people need a home loan, they think about going to their bank first. But, the truth is — your bank represents just one lender and limited Michigan home loan programs. Plus, in today's climate, banks are becoming more restrictive by the day.

When you partner with us, you get an unbiased, wide-angle view of home lending and creative solutions representing multiple lenders and programs.

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